How to obtain an Amateur Radio (HAM) License

My wife Cathy and I have enjoyed obtaining our Technician Class Amateur Radio (HAM) license. I am KJ6AMZ and Cathy is KJ6AMY. In April we will attempt to obtain our General Class Amateur Radio (HAM) license which will allow us a wider radio experience.

A great way to obtain your Amateur Radio License, many times referred to as HAM Radio, is by visiting the following site:  We attended a  Baers license class and in one Saturday were able to obtain our Technician Class License. After obtaining our license we were mentored by many helpful and friendly local “HAM’s”.

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Ham Radio is Fun and provides Public Service

In June of 2009 my wife Cathy (KJ6AMY) and I (KJ6AMZ) obtained our Amateur Radio License also referred as HAM Radio License. We have enjoyed connecting with other Ham’s in the Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin, Monterey and Hollister areas. We hold a Technician Class license and will be testing for a General Class license in April 2010. I originally obtained my Novice Class License (WN6HXV) when I was 15 years old but later allowed my license to expire. Things have changed technically since my days as a Novice transmitting CW.

Through the use of a local repeater and IRLP I was able to take to my son in Provo, Utah with my YAESU FT-60.

HAM Radio operators, besides being experimenters, provide communication service during emergencies. They work closely with the Red Cross Emergency services.

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